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House Rules

Dear guests,

We wish you a pleasant stay in our apartments!We would like to introduce you to the house rules to give you a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstandings.Time of arrival is after 14:00 PM, and departure is up to 10:00 AM, unless otherwise is agreed with the owner. Advance payment for booking is 30% of the total amount.The total agreed price of the apartment (€ or £), minus the already paid advance (advance payment), the customer is required to pay the owner at arrival, so the householder could register the stay. Upon arrival to the accommodation, all guests have to hand over personal documents, passport or ID card.Without advance payment, we will not retain the obligation to keep the apartment, regardless of the season (winter or summer). Customer entrusts the key of the apartment which must be kept and take care of the lock, because the householder is not responsible for theft and negligence in the apartment.It is considered that the customer agrees with the house rules when takes apartment. It is not allowed to bring weapons into the apartment, narcotics, highly flammable materials. Use of equipment and devices that are not an integral part of the apartment is allowed only with the consent of the householder.Pets are not allowed. Customer who intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to the property will have to reimburse the full amount of damage. From apartment is not allowed to take out parasols, sun beds, chairs, towels, bedding, furniture, appliances and equipment.We ask you for responsible behavior and handling equipment and everything is in apartment. On day of departure, the guest is obliged to invite the host to check all rooms and house appliances to prove that they are not damaged. Only then is the guest allowed to depart.All damage which is unreported will be claimed afterward from the guest by court. It is required not to make noise from: 10:00 PM to 09:00 AM, and from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM in the afternoon (because of rest time).While going away from the apartment, guests are asked close parasols, turn off all electrical appliances, put out the lights, turn off the water, the windows, turn off air conditioning, lock the door of the apartment and the door of the courtyard. Windows and doors should be closed while using the air conditioner.It is prohibited to simultaneously use all devices such as: air conditioning, water heater, oven (which could lead to overloading and throw limiter and a power outage). The householder delivers clean linens and towels every 7 days.The guest is required to clean and keep the apartment, and return it to the owner in the state in which it is given to use. The guests are requested to take out a daily amount of garbage (from apartment) because they will accumulate ants and insects (garbage thrown in the bin, which is located off the courtyard).
It also prohibited littering in the toilet and sink, in the yard or in the immediate vicinity of the house. Smoking in apartments is not recommended, the guests are asked not to throw cigarette butts in the yard because that may cause a fire.In apartment is not permitted sleeping or overnight guests who are not registered as guests of the apartments Dora.
It is possible to wash clothes in the private laundry room (cost of one washing is 3-5 €).
During stay, guests can use the outdoor grill in accordance with the weather (if it is not windy). The coal must ensure by themselves (it is prohibited splitting wood on the paved part of the yard which is made of stone, and after completion prohibits pouring water on the fire because the solitary panel may break).We also ask for caution when handling a barbecue grill as it would not fall out of the same and to prevent unwanted fire.
After using the same, clean the barbecue so the other costumers could use it. The outdoor barbecue is shared by both apartments.The upper terrace, table, sand-chairs and chairs are from the upper apartment, and from the bottom apartment is an outdoor terrace that has the same (sun loungers, outdoor table and bench). Guest from upper apartment may also use the outdoor table if it is not taken in consultation with the guests from the lower apartment.
Hosts of apartments reserve the right in exceptional circumstances (and in the absence of guests) to enter in the apartment if they notice that their entry is necessary to prevent damage or risk of unforeseen proportions (in case of water leakage, fire, closing the window of encountering rain or strong wind).The host will inform the guest of entering the apartment as well as the reason of same. We ask you to hold apartment tidy. In the case of non-compliance with rules, the owner has the right to terminate the service of accommodation (if such situation happens, the customer will be charged the full amount of the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay).

We thank that you have chosen us for your holiday and we wish you a pleasant stay in our apartments!